Self-Serve Wine Bar: A Beautiful Concept!

Sip Wine Bar in Tinley Park, IL is one of my favorite wine spots to date! Similar to a kid in a candy store, there 69 wines to walk around and sample.

The bar is laid out with 8 different stations based on various themes: both Old and New world white and red wines, Rose’s, Pinot Noirs, sweet wines and premium labels.

The self-serve wine steps are as follows:

  1. Customer receives a wine card to tally the sales (held on a tab with a credit card)
  2. The wine card is entered into the wine station kiosk
  3. The customer chooses their variety of wine
  4. The customer chooses the pour amount -the prices for the 3 pour amounts are displayed on the kiosk
  5. The customer can walk around and sample as many wines as they desire
  6. The wine card is returned upon checkout and the customer pays the balance.

Easy Peasy!

I started with whites, moved on to roses, and of course, finished with reds. I appreciated being able to sample many different wines without having to drink/purchase a whole glass.

Customers are also able to purchase the bottles on-site, and enjoy a full menu. The bar is available for both indoor and outdoor private events with an array of party packages to choose from. Check out Sip Wine Bar, and happy sampling!

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