Printer’s Row Beer & Wine Bar-Eastern European Wines

I’ll cut right to the chase- I love this wine bar! Most bars offer the “usual,
but Printer’s Row Beer & Wine Bar, in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, focuses on something specific: Eastern European wine varietals from countries such as Armenia, Slovenia, and Serbia. Here you are able to taste premium Old World wines at affordable prices-wines you may not see around town.

Printer’s Row Wine Beer & Wine Bar offers tasting by the glass and bottles for sale. In addition, you can order a variety of yummy tastes to compliment the different varieties.

My favorite glass was Pinot Gris from Slovenia – one of the best expressions of the grape I’ve ever tasted. Close to a cross between orange wine and rose, the freshness plus body and luscious pink tannins make this wine superb.

If you’re in the area check out this bar. Parking is convenient and it’s open during the day!

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