Unpolished Grape 101: Proper Wine Storage!

The logic behind wine-storage is a bit like the Goldilocks Effect: not to hot, not too cold, not too humid, not too dry! Let’s dig in


Do store wine in a cool, dry place at a constant temperature
For long-term storage, wine bottles need to be stored in a cool place, with a constant temperature around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, or between 10-10 degrees Celsius. If wines are stored in areas that are too hot or too cold, they can damage the wine and affect the taste. The best place to store wine is a temperature-controlled wine refrigerator, a wine cellar, a cool basement, or anywhere that fits these qualifications.

If it’s corked, lay it on its side
Wine bottles with cork closures should be stored laying on their sides. In this way, the wine stays in constant contact with the cork, keeping it wet. If a cork closure dries out, it can cause air to enter the bottle and oxidize the wine. Please note: screw caps may be stored upright.

Do keep wine away from strong or direct sunlight
Although we would love to see our wines as decor gracing our dining rooms or parlors, exposing them to sunlight can cause the wine to become tainted or stale. In addition, the light can heat the wine, causing it to have off-flavors. Wines should be stored away from both sunlight and artificial lights.

Do keep wines steady, free from movement or vibrations
Wines should be stored in a quiet and still place, away from large vibrations and movement. Wine that constantly disturbed could cause bottle damage or sediment movement.


Don’t store open bottles of wine
Once a bottle of wine is opened, it should be consumed relatively quickly (1-3 days), or longer if you use a vacuum or device to remove the oxygen. Exposure to air will oxidize (vinegarize) the wine over time, making it undrinkable.

Don’t Store wines up high
Heat rises. If wines are stored too high, the temperature may be too warm and could damage the contents over time.

Don’t store wines on appliances
Appliances emit heat and sometimes vibrate. Although many wine racks are built on top of refrigerators, it’s probably not a great idea to store wine there. The top of the refrigerator could get hot, hum, or vibrate. And like previously stated, it’s up high, where temperatures are warmer.

Don’t forget to clean your wine cellar or basement
It’s a good idea to periodically clean your wine storage area to ensure the bottles are free of mold and dust.


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