If You’re a Cabernet Fan, Check Out These Alternatives!

Cabernets are big. Cabernets are bold. Cabernets are popular. As a fan, it’s easy to get stuck in this lane and drink the same grape over and over. But did you know there are grapes with similar profiles that you may like the same, or even more?

If you’re a big Cabernet Sauvignon fan and looking to branch out, there are several alternatives that are just as delicious and possibly easier on the pockets.

Mourvédre From France

Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvédre is also a black grape that comes from France. It is produced as both a varietal (single grape) and blend. Mourvédre’s famous blending partners are Grenache and Syrah (think GSM), but it is also delicious on its own. Similar to Cabernet, Mourvédre’s deeply colored wine is rich with rich blackberry, blueberry, and black plum. Aged expressions also emit flavors of earth and game. Like its peer, the high tannins and alcohol give it a succulent roundness and curvy body that Cabernet lovers find so appealing. So give it a swirl as a blend or on its own. It’s pretty amazing either way!

Monastrell From Spain

Monastrell is Spain’s word for Mourvédre, so it comes as no surprise that this another great alternative to Cabernet. In this hot region, the grape is able to deeply ripen and pull out those baked fruit notes of blackberry, black cherry, and jam. Its thick skins produce loads of tannin, making it powerful and full-bodied like Cabernet. Aged Monastrell expresses additional tertiary flavors of earth, meat, and leather, making it highly intense and delicious!

Shiraz From Australia

Although Australian Shiraz is a bit more peppery and jammy than your typical Cabernet, it can be just as bold and fulfilling. Not to be confused for France’s more structured version of the Syrah grape, Australia’s hot climate brings out the cooked black fruit flavors Shiraz is famous for. Aged versions further accentuate its meat, leather and tobacco flavors that make this wine a rich delight. In fact, the two grapes are similar enough in style that they are hailed as blending partners globally. The next time you’re in the store, grab a bottle of Shiraz!


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