Pairing Wine With Mood Instead of Food!

Pairing vino with the right food is an art, and will accentuate the good qualities of your wine! There is a whole science behind it that every wine-lover should at least be familiar with. But today, I’m ignoring science and focusing on emotions.

As a vegetarian, pairing wines with an array of meatless foods can be a little more challenging. Over the years, I’ve gotten really comfortable enjoying a glass of wine by itself, without the food. So how do I decide what to drink?

Pairing Wine With Mood!

I’m a Cancer! I’m moody! For me, it’s important to do, eat, and drink the things that align with how I’m feeling. Wine is no different. Here are my go-tos:

Mood: Hot & Exhausted = Vinho Verde or Sauvignon Blanc
On summer days, I almost always start with a light, refreshing white wine that will both cool me off and jump-start the relaxation I so desperately need. Wines that are high in acidity do this well (think of an ice-cold lemonade on a hot day.) The crisp citrus flavors are the perfect solutions to heat and humidity, and the first sip is always the best!

Mood: Fun & Silly = Rosé
I love opening a bottle of Rosé when I’m feeling jovial, fun and silly. It makes me want to twirl around with the bottle in my hand as I engage in much needed Saturday-cleaning, or listen to music with my friends. The pink flair always makes me smile and get excited about what the day has to offer!

Mood: Intellectual & Reflective = Pinot Noir
They say Pinot is a “thinking woman’s drink” and I couldn’t agree more. The delicate, yet complex flavors and hauntingly long finish are to be pondered along with your thoughts and reflections. Pinot Noir is not meant to be quickly sipped or gulped – it’s way too sophisticated for that type of barbaric treatment. I prefer to sit quietly, think, or engage in a smooth philosophical debate when I enjoy a glass of this beauty!

Mood: Romantic & Sexy = Valpolicella
There is something about Valpolicella wine made from the Corvina grape that makes me feel beautiful! Perhaps it’s the silky finish or velvety tannins that brings the love to the air, but it’s a cupid arrow in a bottle! Whether it’s Classical Valpolicella or Amarone, the red fruit paired with the chocolatey and cigar notes puts me in my feelings!

Mood: Determined & Courageous = Barolo
Nebbiolo is one of the most tannic grapes in the world, making the prestigious Barola region known for some of the most powerful expressions of vino as we know it. I tend to select a Barolo when I’m up for life’s challenges and ready to be productive. Power meets power, and strength meets strength!


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