4 Tips To Make Shopping For Wine Easier

Have you ever stepped into the wine aisles at a grocery story and suddenly felt a knot in your stomach about where to start? You’re not alone! Sometimes buying wine at a large wine store can feel so overwhelming! Not only are there so many varieties, styles, and regions to choose from, trying to interpret a complex wine label can lead you right back to square one.

But not to fret, I’ll help you shop! Here are a few tips I recommend to conquer the task!

Know Your Budget.

And STICK to your budget. Decide in advance how much you want to spend, and how many bottles you want to purchase. Have the conversation with yourself before you go so that you don’t get there and become mesmerized like a kid in a candy store! Otherwise you may leave out with buyer’s remorse and sticker shock! (And dreadfully be forced to drink all the wine you bought-pity, pity).

Ask For Help!

Do not be embarrassed. The wine consultants are standing by, just waiting for you to ask them about their favorite subject. Whenever I ask for recommendations, their eyes light up. Ask good questions. Let them teach you! Every time I enter a wine store, I’m in a classroom with an eager teacher.

Explain The Type of Wine You Like

Tell your “helper” the type of wine you like, and your price-point. You don’t have to know fancy wine terms, use your own words- they are trained to translate your descriptors. Don’t be embarrassed to say “I won’t spend over $12 a bottle.” They will help you find the best bottle in that range, and many premium gems that are on sale or severely under-priced. Don’t try to save-face or pretend to have a higher budget if you don’t.

Be Open-Try Something New

Try something new. I almost never buy the same bottle twice. The one exception to that rule are bottles I cannot stop thinking about. Otherwise, I want something new every trip. Ask your helper to find similar wines in your flavor profile.

Cheers and happy shopping!

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