Unpolished Grape Series: Fiano


Fiano is an Italian white grape found in Campania and on the island of Sicily. The wine has a long history and dates back to Roman times. As a small, thick-skinned berry, the grape produces relatively low yields and small amounts of juice. However, its juice is often mixed with its lees (dead yeast cells) for an extended period of time, adding to its rich complexity and flavor depth. It also thrives in volcanic soils, which is why it is successfully grown in the mountainous region of Sicily and Mt. Etna.

This white grape is medium to full-bodied with medium-high acidity and medium alcohol. Its primary fruit flavors are those of green and stone fruits, like green apple, pear, peach, melon and mango. It is also well-known for its notable honey and nut flavors. In addition, its floral and herbal profile creates an aromatic and minty aroma. Although most Fianos are meant to be enjoyed young, premium expressions are found in the Italian appellations of Fiano di Avellino, where the wine can age in the bottle for years and develop tertiary flavors.

Food Pairings

Fiano pairs well with rich and flavorful foods like buttery pastas, creamy chowders and other fulfilling seafood soups. As for meats, fried chicken is a pairing favorite, along with roasted turkey, chicken, duck and white fish. It also compliments lamb, pork chops, veal and an array of veggie pizzas.


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