Unpolished Grape Series: Roussanne


Rousanne is a white grape from France’s Northern Rhône region and is usually blended with its infamous partner, Marsanne. These two varieties are the only white grapes allowed in the Northern Rhône. Roussane is known for its high acidity and aromatic perfume characteristics. It is also famously blended with Syrah in the highly-esteemed AOCs of Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, and Crozes Hermitage.

This white grape is medium bodied, with medium to high acidity and alcohol. It is known for its stone-fruit flavors, including apricot, nectarine, peach, and melon. Roussanne also has subtle hints of pear, fresh flowers, honeysuckle, herbs, and baked bread. Premium expressions can age for many years in the bottle and develop additional tertiary flavors of honey, nuts and hay.

Food Pairings

Roussanne pairs well with an array of meats and buttery seafood, including veal, roasted chicken, duck, lobster tail, crab legs, salmon, oysters and shrimp. It also compliments hearty dishes like risotto, pasta in cream sauce, and creamed spinach. Many people enjoy it along side of Asian cuisines, spicy herbs and garlic stir fries.


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