Unpolished Grape Series: Bonarda


Bonarda is the second most planted black grape in Argentina, the first being Malbec. It is known as a young and easy drinking wine when produced in high volumes. However, premium expressions are further developed and ripened on the vine, adding to an array of deeply concentrated flavor aromas. It is often blended with Malbec.

This grape produces wine with a high acidity, medium to high alcohol and high tannins when made in its most concentrated form. However, simpler expressions made in high volume display more fruity characteristics with lower amounts of tannin, making them easier to pair with an array of food. The primary fruit flavors are raspberry, cherry, plum, and blackberry. It also has flavors of fig and prune when grown in warmer regions. Matured styles display flavors of smokey oak notes and a deep concentration of cooked fruit.

Food Pairings

Bonarda is a pretty versatile wine, especially ones that have low tannins. It pairs well with an array of meat, including beef, BBQ chicken, pork and salmon fillets. It also compliments hardy dishes like beef stew, pulled pork, ribs, and savory vegetables. Bonarda is also enjoyed alongside lighter dishes like shrimp, crab legs, and charcuterie boards.


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