Unpolished Grape Series: Aglianico


Aglianico is a prestigious black grape from Southern Italy. In fact, it is one of Southern Italy’s most important and powerful red wines and the principal black grape variety of Basilcata. Premium expressions come from Campania and the Taurasi DOCG region, specifically in the Aglianico del Vulture DOC. It is known for its intensity, power, and age-worthiness.

This grape produces a powerful and bold wine with high acid, alcohol, and tannin. It has pronounced primary fruit flavors of black plum, black cherry and blackberry. Oak-aged notes are cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar, and cocoa. Bottle-aged expressions go on to further develop flavors of leather, dried figs, meat, mushroom, coffee, earth and forest floor. Because of the high tannin and intense flavors, many styles of Aglianico wines require aging before they are deemed approachable to the consumer.

Food Pairings

Aglianico pairs with a array of meats including rabbit, venison, BBQ ribs, steak, roasted chicken, lamb shanks, sausage, and prime rib. It also compliments hearty entrees such as beans, savory mushrooms, meaty pizza, saucy pastas, roasted and grilled vegetables, arugula and kale. It is also enjoyed with hard cheeses like Pecorino, Romano, Asiago and Sharp Cheddar.


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