Unpolished Grape Series: Viura


Viura is the most widely planted white grape in Rioja, Spain, commonly known as “White Rioja.” Originally, these wines were aged for long periods of time in oak barrels and heavily oxidized into dark, golden colors with flavors of nuts and honey. However, recent years have shown that consumers prefer to drink the unoaked, light and refreshing styles with fruitier notes. Viura is also commonly blended with Chardonnay and also used for Cava production (a sparkling wine from Spain).

Unoaked Viura produces a light and refreshing dry white wine with medium acidity and alcohol. The primary flavors are lemon, lime peel, pear, apricot, grapefruit, and honeydew, with a backdrop of grass, nuts and flowers. Oaked expression of Viura are darker and richer with added flavors of vanilla, toast and honey.

Food Pairings

Viura pairs with a array of seafood including fish, shellfish, squid and prawns. It also compliments meats like roasted poultry, beef, lamb, and even fried chicken. Viura is commonly enjoyed alongside Southeast Asian dishes such as Vietnamese noodles or curry bowls. Other pairings include Spanish tapas, fresh salad, and mozzarella.


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