Unpolished Grape Series: Müller Thurgau


Müller Thurgau, also called “Rivaner,” is a floral and early-drinking wine from Germany. It was created in the 1800s by Dr. Muller, who sought to design a new German grape. It ranges in style from dry to medium sweet like many other German wines. The wine was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and became one of Germany’s most planted grapes of that time. However, the plantings have declined over the last few decades and the wine’s popularity has slightly fallen as a result.

This grape produces a white wine with a light body. It has medium acidity and medium alcohol. The primary flavors are green apple, lemon, lime, peach, melon, apricot, white flower, and rose. Müller Thurgau is intended for early-drinking and is usually not aged.

Food Pairings

Müller Thurgau pairs well with white fish, baked poultry and roasted pork entrees. It also compliments creamy pastas, roasted vegetables, sauteed spinach, fresh vegetable and fruit salads, and berries.


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