Welcome to the wonderful world of wine. Use the guides below to enhance your knowledge!

Grape Variety Chart

Learn about grapes, where they are from, and what makes them unique!

Grape Varieties A-B
Grape Varieties C-D
Grape Varieties E-J
Grape Varieties L-M
Grape Varieties N-R
Grape Varieties S-T
Grape Varieties U-Z

Aroma & Flavors Guide

Use the Aroma & Flavor Guide to learn about primary, secondary, and tertiary characteristics

Wine Color Guide

Use the Wine Color Guide to understand how wine gets its color!

Wine Acidity Guide

Use the Wine Acidity Guide to understand how wine gets its color!

Sugar & Alcohol Guide

Use the Sugar & Alcohol Guide to learn the roles they both play in wine!

Grape Tannins Guide

Use the Grape Tannins Guide to understand the role tannins play in wine!

Wine Glossary

Refer to the Wine Glossary to learn the terms for grapes, wine, and wine-making techniques

Wine Education!

Load up on Wine Education! Explore the Unpolished Grape 101 Lessons Below

Unpolished Grape Guides

Wine Aromas & Flavors
Wine Color
Wine Acidity
Wine Sugar & Alcohol
Wine Tannins
Wine & Food

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